Formulas For Now


Compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Imagine if the whole of life were reducible to a single formula. The results are not just unexpected but as wild, as weird and as wonderful as life itself … Fun, quirky and sophisticated, more than a hundred of the most creative and original minds of our time – from art, science, mathematics, architecture, design, literature and sociology – give us their personal and enterprising, or visionary, or inventive, or just deliriously delectable formulas for contemporary life... Damien Hirst's colour wheel; 'sex x technology = the future' by J.G. Ballard; Gilbert & George's injunction to ban religion; a distillation of Darwinian theory from Richard Dawkins; Olafur Eliasson's x and y axis; Peter Saville's sketched diagrams; Louise Bourgeois's conviction that there's no logic in love …