The project idea: to buy a private ground and transform it to "everybody's", to a common ground!
The concept of ground is extraordinary important to the city of Bolzano. On the one hand the city is subject to the obvious limits of  urban expansion, conditioned on the geographical location, and on the other hand it's a place where the social and political history has always been a history of border, political, social and cultural border. From the viewpoint of living together, to own or not to own land is for sure a confining element in the relationship with the other. Therefore the proposal is to buy a piece of land and to liberate it from preconceptions of the past, from private dimension and from the possibility to cramp onto something. A piece of  land of everybody and nobody where any relationship with the other has to be reinvented and reconstructed.

Idea version II

A piece of land in the centre of Bolzano is purchased using the means at disposal for the project. The land is converted into State owned land (State property not transferable and not privately owned. The action inverts the common process of privatization of State property. The conversion of a piece of land from private property into State property represents an exception in our juridical system and requires the writing and approval of a decree with the force of law.