"Jederland" is a project for the public space of Bozen-Bolzano, and is a partresult of the research project "Symbolic actions for our present time", a Lungomare project-space initiative. "Jederland" is a collective work of Brave New Alps, Helmut Heiss, Eva Mair, Maja Malina, Katherina Putzer and the project curators Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo.

What name to give to our symbolic action? It can’t contain the word “monument” because this concept would give rise to false expectations. The name should directly reflect the action.

Chosen name: Jederland

Our project concludes with a symbolic action which doesn’t pretend to define itself as a monument. The project could obtain a monumental character at a later date, by means of collective consensus.

The project is going to be presented on Friday, the 8th of July at the Lungomare location – Rafensteinweg 12, 39100 Bozen-Bolzano.

Jacopo Candotti distances himself from the idea and realization of the project "Jederland", and is going to present on July 8th his artistic contribution to the research "Symbolic actions for our present time".