Multitude / Moltitudine

Multitude is the form of social and political existence for the many, seen as being many. (Paolo Virno) 
The concept of the multitude had been proposed by Spinoza in the 17th century, referring to a plurality of singularities that persist in the public scene. Unlike the concept of the people, the multitude is never merging into a One, never finds its unity in the State. The unity of the multitude is found in language, intellect and the capacities to communicate. With its innumerable internal differences, the multitude constitutes a social multiplicity that communicates and acts in common without ever merging into a single identity.
The fact that the concept of the people, proposed by Hobbes, has prevailed over the last centuries, means that today we are facing a lack in lexical terms that can describe the many nuances the multitude comes with.

Brave New Alps, contribution, 25.04.2011