Zusammenleben / Convivenza

Mihnea Mircan, Research week, 27.10.2010

Mihnea Mircan, Research week, 27.10.2010

Living together

I wonder in general if it might not be time to start experiencing this living together and multiplicity of cultures and visions without always chasing after definitions. In reference to the other Roundtable, I’d like to remind us that living together, as well as being linked to economic factors too, costs a great effort in general, it means it’s necessary to give up a part of oneself, of one’s own language and culture. We also need to look at the theme of living together in the context of these manifold acceptances; it needs to be seen as a much more fluid theme.

Daniele Lupo, Round Table III, 30.10.2010


- Is the concept of living together only a terminological and artificial construction?

- Does it have a positive prior connotation or is it a term with a neutral value?

- Living together with whom, among which subjects or elements? And in what spatial framework?

- A theme to be treated as universal or restricted to Bozen because of some of its particular characteristics?

- Taking Bozen as a starting point or a finishing point on the reflection about living together?

- Bozen as Exit point or Arrival point?

Research week, Phase 1 Group discussion, 25.10. – 30.10.2010